Interview with Make Up Artist Briseida Rubio


Briseida is a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in makeup. She has been licensed since 2009, and has over 5+ years of experience in the beauty industry. She has freelanced for Lancôme, YSL, Armani, Chanel, and salons on the strip such as; Color Salon, SLS, and Cosmopolitan.

Model: Vanessa Greene @vanessagreene @tngmodels     Photo: Alexandra Villarreal @alexandra_nicole_villarreal    Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio

Model: Vanessa Greene @vanessagreene @tngmodels   

Photo: Alexandra Villarreal @alexandra_nicole_villarreal

 Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio

What does Beauty mean to you? 

Beauty is something that makes you happy and simply puts a smile on your face. It is not necessarily just outer beauty but inner beauty means so much more to me. Your interior is what defines beauty! 

When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

I knew a career in beauty was for me when I started doing makeup and hair for my friend’s homecoming and prom. That is when I knew I was passionate about the beauty industry. As soon as I graduated high school I attended Cosmetology school. I always enjoyed Makeup much more than hair so I focused more on that field. 

How was it getting into the make up industry when you first started?

When I first started back in 2008 I remember it wasn’t such a competitive field. Youtubers and bloggers wasn’t really a thing. People would focus on themselves to strive in the industry rather then focusing on the amount of followers on social media. I feel a lot has changed in the industry ever since. There is definitely much more competition and it is really all about who you know. Your hard work gets over looked by the amount of followers an artist may have. 

Model: Brooke Baxter @brookerachel     Photographer: James Groat @jamesgroat     Hair: Erika Shear @erikadawnshear     Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio     Stylist: iliki @ilikithestylist

Model: Brooke Baxter @brookerachel   

Photographer: James Groat @jamesgroat   

Hair: Erika Shear @erikadawnshear   

Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio   

Stylist: iliki @ilikithestylist

What were some of the hurdles/challenges you went through at the beginning?

The main hurdles and challenges for me have been trying to balance my passion for makeup artistry and attending college at the same time to obtain my business degree. So much time has been put in and hard work to get to where I want to be and yet there is still much more to come. Many discouragements, and no’s I have experienced. I have thought of giving up a few times but I knew if I did I wouldn’t be happy and I really wouldn’t be trying hard. Many people don’t understand our industry, many think it’s a hobby, many think it’s a waste of time and many think there is no money in such a competitive field. If you have a vision and goal in mind you are willing to do what it takes to get there no matter the time and hard work it takes. That is exactly why I have not given up. It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey for me but every time I stop and think of how much closer I am to my dreams. What keeps me going is remaining positive, faithful, and being surrounded by positive people that motivate and empower me to be better each and every day.

After Being in the makeup industry for some time now and seeing that you have an awesome career, can you tell us what has been some of the highlight points in your journey?

Some of the major highlight points in my journey have been this year. My goal is to get signed with a major agency in LA. This year I started going to LA as much as possible to build connections and network. Since the past year I have been reaching out to agencies for assisting and representation and no replies. I was persistent and continued to email them until finally I got a reply from Wilhelmina Artist saying they would like to meet with me. I had my meeting in mid September in their beautiful office in Beverly Hills. It was so surreal just being there. It was like one step much closer. I sat down with Chelsea one of the artist agents and she said she was intrigued by my work and would like to add me to their assisting roster first and do test shoots so they can feel me out as an artist first and continue to grow. I was super excited and knew all my hard work was finally paying off. The following week I get another email from Exclusive Artist Management that they wanted to add me to their assisting roster as well and reach out to me for any upcoming opportunities that come along. I was literally living a high of Happiness. The opportunities continue. I got to assist Mua Stacey Tan. She is signed with the Art Department LA and shoots For Love & Lemons, and Nasty Gal’s campaigns. For a while I wanted to assist her but some dates just wouldn’t work out or she was out of town for work. Finally, I received an email from her if I was available to assist her for a campaign shoot for Lipsy London, and Zoey Grossman was the photographer. I was so stoked for the opportunity to be there and experience how a big set and campaign shoot was like. She is such a talented artist and super easy going. I enjoyed assisting her and learned a few tips of products and applications by observing her (Thank You Stacey. You are Amazing!). I couldn’t be anymore thankful for this year’s opportunities and to continue growing as an artist. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. I am beyond blessed and grateful for all the people that have truly believed in me and seen potential in me. A huge thank you to all the photographers I have worked with and have helped me build my portfolio. To name a few names James Groat, Carmelisse Sanga, Alexandra Villareal, and Justin Vaseur. I can’t thank you guys enough, and all my family and friends that have supported me in this journey and have seen my struggle but push me through success! 

What do you love most about doing make up?

 Many clients that sit in my chair lack confidence or self worth. I like to reassure them they are beautiful no matter the flaws. After doing their makeup you can see how confident and pretty they feel. That is the most rewarding feeling for me. My favorite part about doing makeup is doing editorial fashion, and beauty photo shoots. I truly enjoy enhancing natural beauty on such beautiful models I get to work with or simply just get creative and have fun as an artist with beauty shoots. Everyday is a new face and a new inspiration for me. I live for that satisfaction. 

Top 3 make up tools in your bag?

The top 3 tools in my kit are my elf brow clear gel that is only $2, Soleil Tan De Chanel is one of my favorite cream bronzers. It looks so beautiful and natural on all skin tones. Last but not least my highlighters. My current favorites right now are Becca Cosmetics Liquid in Moonstone and Kohgendo Aqua Foundation Illuminator in sheer beige. 

Who are some of your top make up Influencers

My top influencers are Stacey Tan, Lottie Star, and Priscilla Ono. They inspire me on a daily basis. I think it is so amazing to see their journey and success. To see how far they have come that truly inspires me and motivates me to keep fighting for my dreams. Nothing in life comes easy but hard work definitely pays off! 

What do you feel is your style and how does it set you apart from other artists?

My style is a very natural dewy skin. I definitely am not a fan of heavy makeup especially on someone who has beautiful skin. I think that is one of my pet peeves. What sets me apart from other artists is I focus on enhancing your natural beauty

Is there anything that you would want to change about the industry?

I love the industry I am in because I get to be creative and simply be an artist. Especially seeing the passion and drive in others. One thing I would change is the empowerment with one another in our industry. Everyone is unique in his or her own ways. I love learning and getting inspired by other artists. I would definitely love to see more artists come together! 

What is the most important beauty advice you can give to women about make up?

The most important beauty advice I can give to women is to take care of their skin! If you want flawless makeup it all starts with a skin care routine. When I was younger I wouldn’t take care of my skin. It wasn’t until I started freelancing for Lancôme. I learned the importance of skin care. I currently use lush, and organic natural products on my skin. 

Model: Danae Digiulio @danaedigiulio     Photo: Justin Vaseur @justinvaseur     Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio     Stylist: iliki @ilikithestylist

Model: Danae Digiulio @danaedigiulio   

Photo: Justin Vaseur @justinvaseur   

Mua: Briseida Rubio @brisi_rubio   

Stylist: iliki @ilikithestylist

What advice can you give to those artists wanting to get into the makeup industry and are just starting their education/careers?  

My advice to those wanting to start a career in the makeup industry is to be persistentDon’t let anyone or anything discourage you. Find your style and stick to it. Most importantly practice practice practice. I was able to gain experience from simply freelancing at counters because you get to do all skin complexions. Do as many test shoots and assist other artists you are influenced by. Everyday you learn something new. There are always new trends and styles. I will always continue to do test shoots because that is what inspires me and enhances my skills. When you test and do trade for work make sure it is worth your time and style you are going for. Ask many questions and make sure you are surrounded by people that are creative, and motivating you to be a better person. Remember Hard Work Pays off! I Believe in You xoxo

What is something fun and quirky about you that you’d like to share with the world?

Something fun about me is that I am adventurous, and a risk taker. I am willing to take risk even when fear is against me. I strive to make sure that nothing, not even myself, gets in the way of my dreams and aspirations. Life is too short so make the most out of it even if it is scary at times it is worth the risk and best knowing you at least tried.